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Τhe architectural firm "Dora Panagea & Associates" founded in 2004, provides excellent services in the field of architectural planning and construction, producing high quality work in full architectural study, supervision and engineering of every scale. Each project is approached with the individualized understanding of the goals and objectives of each client's needs, with whom we are always in close contact.

Our aim is to produce architectural work combining aesthetic quality, functionality and constructive quality.

Our basic priority in reference to the carrying out of each project is to support it with fully architectural planning and proper supervision at all the following stages:
1. Pre-architectural planning
At this stage we look into the best possible solution, taking into account the functional demands of each work, which isn't approached as an one-dimensional fact, but it is specially studied in its architectural form, in order to avoid formulaic solutions.
2. Final architectural planning
At this stage we prepare a complete range of plans, which fulfill all the scientific and legislative specifications, in order to get the building permit from the appropriate municipality.
3. Application architectural planning
Every phase of the project is supported with constructional detailed plans, interior/exterior planning solutions and suggestions, concerning suitable materials and technical solutions, so that the combination of quality, aesthetic and economy can be insured.
4. Construction
ΤOur office puts special emphasis both on the complete and qualitative architectural planning and on the substantial supervision during the construction stage. Having vast experience in the field of constructions and a plethora of completed projects to our credit, we undertake entirely the budget of the project and the close supervision of the construction from the beginning until the completion of the project, in co-operation with specialized and reliable crews.

     DORA PANAGEA & ASSOSIATES  |  15 Niriidon str., Alimos, 17456 Attica Greece  |  Tel. 210 7228249, Mob.: 6944 308487, Email:

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